St. Mary’s Church -A Brief History



The first newly built church was attended, after its completion in 1925, by Rev. Wasyl Maniosky, who came from Baltimore. Rev. Maniosky was pastor at St. Mary’s from 1925 through 1930. During this period, Father Maniosky performed the first marriage in the church between John Vayda and Eliszabeth Hertnick.

On the ninth day of April 1926, through the generosity of Samuel T. Beavers, the land was officially deeded to George Shutlock, John Cebula, John Paulovich, Dan Duritza and Andrew Sevak, Trustees of St. Mary’s Church, by way of a donation and gift. Mr. Beavers, although not Catholic, could well be considered a good neighbor and friend of the church.

Succeeding Father Maniosky was Rev. Michael Kolutsky, from 1930 through 1931. From 1931 through 1946, Rev. Maniosky returned to serve the parishoners of St. Mary’s. In 1946, Rev. Bohdan Voloshin served the parish. During this period on June 8, 1947, a picnic was held at the home of John Shutlock, and a meeting called by Father Voloshin resulted in a the church officers agreeing to turn over the property to the Philadelphia Metropoly. It wasn’t until October 20, 1950  that the property was deeded to Bishop Constantine Bohachevsky, who made many visits to St. Mary’s in the years following. Succeeding Father Voloshin was Rev. Wasyl Seredovytch, 1948 and 1949, who was also one of the priests who traveled from Baltimore, Maryland.  more….




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